A Lesson on Missional Living- Part 1

A Lesson on Missional Living- Part 1

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Photos by Connie Rock of Purchase Effect, The Faces are Blurred to Protect the Identity of Our Friends

Upon arrival in Thailand this past week, I asked the Lord what my purpose was for being here. I had been here twice already for this Adventures in Missions trip and really didn’t understand what God wanted to do or learn a third time.


After 8 days of being in Thailand and doing ministry and outreach in the streets of Patpong, experiencing one night of outreach in Nana, and building relationships in our neighborhood where we reside, its’ so evident why I am here again.

We are building trust in women who have been exploited, disappointed, hurt, mistreated, and used. As I see many of the same face for a third time, I have witnessed their guards come down and faces light up because I am in their country again; taking the time to love them. Even with language barriers and the use of my handy Thai language app, hand motions; there is a language that we speak that they understand fluently and that is: Love. It’s the one language that transcends barriers, and breaks down walls.


Building this trust and showing the love of Christ is all a part of the greater lesson I have learned by coming on these trips. This lesson is on “how to live missionally. “ Missional living is simply the posture, thinking and behavior of a missionary in order to engage others with the gospel message. It’s the belief that we all have a responsibility to fulfill the great commission. This is not left up to those who are professional “Missionaries” or those who are called to the office of an “Evangelist.”

Every believer is sent and called by Jesus to be His hands and Feet in the earth. During our missions to Thailand, I have discovered that simply being intentional can do this. If we are intentional in our conversations, and intentional in building relationships people being to see that there is something different about you. They begin to ask questions, and doors are opened for you to share the gospel message.


So how does this impact my life as I return home to America? Before I go out daily, I ask God to show me how to be intentional? How can I have a conversation today that will be transformational? Who shall I be a blessing too and how? Whose trust do I need to build as I endeavor to share the gospel message? Who simply needs to know that they are loved?


As we ask ourselves these questions daily, we are all walking in the role of missionaries in our homes and communities. This is how Missional Living begins to change the world through one intentional conversation at a time.






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