High Heels High Goals

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Our mission at High Heels High Goals is to empower, educate, and engage the Entrepreneur and the Renaissance woman, who has a purpose to fulfill, and a vision to carry out.

Empower– We Empower our members to conduct ethical business practices, to give back to the community, and to support one another in business.

Engage-We Engage our members through monthly conference calls, bi-monthly networking events, and weekly business/empowerment motivational emails.

Educate-We Educate our members on best business practices, and things that can assist them in reaching their goals by having industry leaders share at our events


Membership Benefits:

Basic Membership Events
Our member will have exclusive access to our Bi Monthly HHHG events. This will give them the opportunity to gain entrepreneurship and business skills while networking with our fellow members/ business owners.

Monthly Motivational Calls
Our members will have exclusive access to our monthly motivational calls as we discuss everyday issues, business building tips and more.

Weekly Emails
Our Member will receive private weekly emails.Access to Our Exclusive High Heels High Goals Social Network
Our Members Have Access to our private Ning Network where they can connect and interact with other entrepreneurs and the founders of HHHG. They will also be able to share and receive information that will help everyone grow their businesses and achieve their goals.